Collect and share
all your on set VFX data
with setellite

What is Setellite?

Setellite enables you to collect and register all your on set VFX data in an organized and effective way. Designed to be used during a (visual effects) shoot, Setellite keeps track of all scene-, weather-, location-, camera-, take-, plate- and reference data on a per slate basis.

How Does it work?

Setellite is build around the concept of creating digital forms that are linked to the system of slates and takes used on any regular filmset and in post production afterwards. Real time, synchronized project sharing allows multiple users on the same set (or supervising different units) to work simultaneously with Setellite.

One App Solution

Instead of using multiple apps for collecting notes, writing down data, collecting reference material, etc., Setellite presents all these features in one solution and links them to a single 'datasheet' for each setup. The collected data can easily be distributed to other forms or exported in several ways and multiple, common formats.

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  • Project overview

    Manage and control your project from the Project Dashboard. Invite other Setellite users to join your project or export a specific range of slates or references to many different output options.

  • The Calculator UI

    Setellite 2.0 has been redesigned completely for faster input of data with a calculator based UI. The large buttons adapt to the selected input fields by changing to the appropriate format (numbers for numerical values for instance).

  • Slates

    Setellite is build around the concept of creating digital forms that are linked to the system of slates and takes used on any regular filmset and in post production afterwards. Collect data for each slate under the 'Main', 'Camera', 'Takes' and 'References' categories.

  • Form View

    Form View provides an overview of all your data when you rotate your iPad from landscape to portrait. Keep on working in portrait mode if you wish; the app is fully functional in this mode which mimics a full page form.

  • Export

    Export your collected data as CSV or PDF. The PDF export type allows you to create extensive reports, including a cover page and highlighted differences between takes. Optionally, select a references sheet to include a clean overview of your photos, videos and drawings.

  • Interface

    The clear, uncluttered interface lets you review and edit your collected data fast and easily. The web readout mirrors the Setellite iPad app (and vice versa) by real time syncing.

  • Takes

    The Take tab shows a clean, organized overview of all your collected data and take information for each camera involved.

  • Production types

    Both the app and the site allow you to choose from several production types, including TV-series with multiple episodes.

  • Prepare

    Prepare a shoot from the comfort of your office (or any place) by creating a project, outline slates and pre-enter data you can later complete on set.

  • Filter & export

    Filter your slates based on specific queries and export your results as CSV (more formats coming soon). Fast options are slates that you have ‘starred’ and ‘dailies’.


Setellite's Standalone model includes all (offline) features of Setellite for iPad and can be purchased for a one-time fee.
The Subscription model includes several additional online features including project collaboration with other Setellite users, online project backup and web readout. For this model users pay a monthly or annual fee.

iPad Only
Number of projectsUnlimited
Number of collaborators Other setellite usersN/A
StorageLocal iPad storage only
One time App price€ 89,99

Team UsersSingle Users
Number of projectsUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of collaborators Other setellite usersUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage as long as the subscription is active10GB20GB
Project backupYesYes
Access data on websiteYesYes
Monthly subscription price€ 14.99€ 24.99 1 admin user + 1 regular user
without admin rights
Annual subscription price One month free!€ 164.89€ 274.89
Additional users Sub accountsN/A€ 9.99 – per additional user, per month
– including 5GB additional storage
Additional storage€ 4.99/10GB€ 7.99/20GB
For private cloud solutions, please contact us directly for any requests in this regard:
Please refer to the FAQ section of the site for more information on pricing and subscriptions.

Storage options
10 GB (included)
Storage total
70 GB
Team account options
1 admin user (included)
Team storage options
20 GB (included)
Team storage total
70 GB
Promo code
Total when discount ends

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